Why Hire a VA?

Virtual Administrators are becoming more and more commonplace across a wide range of industries. Why is this? Here’s four reasons a VA may be just what your business needs!

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Most of us have aspects of our job that we'd rather not do, maybe because of time constraints or something you just don't enjoy (tax returns anyone?!) Make a list of your daily or weekly tasks that you'd rather not do, and then list the things you could be doing in this time instead. This may be a simple way to assess if the cost of a VA would be money well spent. Why not give it a trial run?

Your Needs Change From Month to Month

One of the most common reasons someone will use the services of a VA is that you're only paying for the hours you need. In these somewhat uncertain times your business demands can fluctuate from month to month, or even week to week. You may be in need of some assistance but hiring an employee means a permanent commitment to paying them regular hours. Most VAs will have a casual rate for intermittent work, or a reduced rate for regular hours each week or month. Holiday cover is another reason for utilising the services of a VA.

No Additional Costs

Yes a VA will have a higher hourly rate than an employee, however there is a very good reason for this. Other than any agreed-upon incidentals, the hourly rate for your VA is all you will pay. With employees you have added expenses such as ACC, sick leave, annual leave, work space, stationary and IT requirements.

Support For Solopreneurs

For those who run their own business alone it can be isolating at times. A good VA will not only help you with the tasks needed but can also be a good sounding board and moral booster. Your business may not be big enough (yet!) to hire additional staff, however knowing you have someone supporting you even in a small way can make all the difference.